Photo of the Month


Monasteries and valley at Meteora, Greece.


Images for any medium (print, web, projection, display), and any purpose (editorial, PR/marketing/advertising, multimedia, and much more.)

Our years of photographic experience mean top quality images made with the latest tools and informed by a deep understanding of the medium. All our photo assignments are precisely targeted to meet your communications needs.

Please call 518-830-0831 or write to discuss your photographic requirements.

Here are a few examples.


Camel-trekking in Rajasthan

Camel-trekking in Rajasthan: Vue Touristique Magazine

Public Relations,  Marketing and Advertising

Executive Portrait        Ernst & Young
Executive Portrait                                                  Group photo: Ernst & Young (Australia)

Mona Vale Training Center brochure
Training center brochure 

India tourism adTourism NSW       
  India tourism advertisement                                      Tourism advertorial

Trade events and conferences

Trade exhibition, Sydney, Australia


Image from audiovisual
Image from Amdahl 'State of the Art' conference opener


CD and Record Covers

Earthcore CD Cover     Ocean by Ocean record cover

Ups & Downs record cover     Ups & Downs record cover rear