Multi-image: the art of technology, the power of the photograph.

Ideal for conferences, product launches, museums and more, multi-image is a poetic cross between photography, still graphics and film or video. ‘Multi-image’ has a rare power to capture 'hearts and minds'.

Imagine a darkened auditorium and a panoramic projection screen, backed by computers and projectors, and a big sound system. Imagine the power of hundreds of high-resolution digital or conventional photos, text, animated graphics and video ‘windows’ in all shapes and sizes, rippling over and under each other seamlessly across that whole expanse of screen. Imagine all this accompanied by big digital sound.

There’s nothing like it for kicking off or closing a big meeting or conference. We’ll work with you to understand your message and choose the right style for it. Motivational, informative, rewarding — whatever the content, we’ll help you get it across in the strongest way. Concept, treatment, script, narration, creation and editing of the content, right through to staging: we can take on all aspects of a production.

Smaller shows for smaller audiences work just as well, and are surprisingly affordable.

We've produced multi-image shows for Qantas Airways, Standards Australia, Amdahl Corporation, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Abbott Diagnostics and many more. We’ll be glad to show you examples.