What's New at David Halperin's Media Workshop?

•    'Tis the Season! — the winter holidays are upon us again, so stop by my greeting card collection and grab some beautifully printed, affordable photo cards to spread the festive spirit. You can customize them and add your own messages.

•    Pulse Center for Patient Safety, Education & Advocacy — for some years now, I've counted this wonderful nonprofit among my clients. I edit and write, send press releases and help get the word out to the media and the community. The Long Island-based group is dedicated to raising awareness about patient safety through advocacy, education and support. Although the healthcare industry tries to keep patients safe, it fails hundreds of thousands of them every year. Pulse president Ilene Corina says that patients and their families can do more to keep themselves safe by learning a set of skills and techniques, and understanding the risks inherent in medical care and human error.

Check out their newsroom and their website and if you're feeling flush, donate! They'll put the money to good use.

Pulse provide advocacy training for families, run workshops, publishes literature, holds an annual patient safety symposium, and works with vulnerable populations. It also raises awareness about the effects of bias in the healthcare environment through the Healthcare Equality Project.

Contact Pulse at (516) 579-4711 or

Find Pulse on Facebook and Twitter

 •    New Zenfolio Site Coming Soon
A wide range of my photos will soon have a new online sales venue — a new site hosted by Zenfolio which will offer a range of royalty-free and rights-managed image licenses, as well as framed prints, acrylics, calendars, and photo-emblazoned products. The new site will include more regular stock-style images than my other online gallery at Those are more graphic or fine art.

•    Low Countries Déjà Vu

I spent the years 1972-1980 living near Amsterdam, and early this summer I finally made it back to my old home town. It was a quick Low Countries trip that included a few days in the uber-photogenic town of Bruges (Brugge, if you're a Flemish-speaker). Brugge was new to me and quite fantastic; in Amsterdam it was very strange (in a good way) to revisit places I knew so well in my 20s-30s and to catch up with a few old friends.

Lambs sculpture

Bronze lambs, Osdorpplein, Amsterdam

  Markt Square
Markt square, Brugge (Bruges)

•    Virtual Tours for

Continuing with shoots for, one of the leading real estate virtual tour providers. TourFactory tours have a great user interface and a comprehensive toolkit for realtors and buyers to present and view homes for sale. My "patch" covers homes along parts of northern Long Island.

Check out my latest virtual tours at